BDW Victor started dancing in 2010 as part of a performance group for Brazil Dance World (a Toronto based brazilian dance school). During 2 years he did perfomances for various brazilian rhythms (like Samba de Gafieira, Forró, Zouk, Soltinho and Bolero), as well as event organization and classes monitoring. Early 2012 Victor parted ways with Brazil Dance World and stopped with all brazilian dancing.

Tango From early 2012 to late 2014 Victor did Argentine Tango at Rhythm and Motion, completing all 8 levels at the school. He Also participated in various workshops in Toronto, and learned from some of most known Tango teachers in the world (like Alejando & Marisol, Somer & Jessica, Javier & Tara and Nick & Diana).

Around end of 2014 Victor also started taking lessons at Tango 8 with Bulent & Lina, also two internationally known teachers.

Malandro Late 2015 Victor started dancing brazilian balroom again (mainly Forró) and co-founded a group called Toronto a Dois, which facilitated Forró and Samba de Gafieira practices in Toronto.

Baila Toronto On March 2016 Victor went to Brazil for an intensive course of Samba de Gafieira, with a schedule of 3-7 hours of classes a day. When back from his trip he opened a dance school called “Baila Toronto”, which specializes in teaching brazilian dace styles with Brazilian methods.

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